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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I telephone/email for repeat prescriptions?

Please give us 48 hours' notice as we have to order and label and check all medication and flea/worm treatments prior to collection. We request three-monthly medication checks for ongoing

medications, including urinalysis/bloods if appropriate, to keep track of your pets health. Written prescriptions are available on request but we also require 48 hours notice.

Is payment expected at the time of treatment?

Payment is always expected at the time of treatment unless the pet is insured, in which case we ask the client to pay their excess.

Do I need an appointment?

We offer appointments for operations, blood samples, and anxious pets but most of our routine consults are carried out during our open clinic times. This means if you bring your pet during these times, you are in a queue and are seen in the order you arrive. The wait times can be up to an hour approximately but you will always be seen, and do not have to book an appointment ahead of attending the practice. Please check this website for current clinic times.


If your beloved pet becomes unwell or is injured, insurance can give you the reassurance to be able to afford the best veterinary care they require.

Veterinary medicine, diagnostic techniques and surgery have improved enormously over the last decade but can be expensive, especially when emergency care and hospitalisation is needed.

Preventative medicines, flea and worm products, and neutering are not covered by insurance. However most diagnostic and surgical techniques and long-term medicines will usually be paid for by insurance policies. It is extremely important at to check terms and conditions of any insurance policy before taking it out as many have exclusions such as dental procedures.

We would recommend lifetime cover, which covers your pet for any condition they get continuously up to a level of fees you have chosen.

Please make sure you have taken out a sufficient level of cover.

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