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31 Barrington Rd, Altrincham

WA14 1HZ

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Emergency Contact: Petmedics 0161 794 4999


Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

9:30 am – 10:30 am

14:00 pm - 15.00 pm

17.30 pm - 18.30 pm


9.30 am - 11.30 am



Subject to change


We operate three open clinics every weekday and one on a Saturday, where our clients do not require an appointment for routine consults. There are quiet appointment times available for blood sampling, operations, and anxious pets.

We have excellent relationships with all the local referral vet hospitals for specialist treatment, and our emergency care is undertaken by a fully-staffed, well-equipped 24 hour clinic Petmedics.

The clinic has a car park and ample on-road parking in surrounding streets.


If your beloved pet becomes unwell or is injured, insurance can give you the reassurance to be able to afford the best veterinary care they require.

Veterinary medicine, diagnostic techniques and surgery have improved enormously over the last decade but can be expensive, especially when emergency care and hospitalisation is needed.

Preventative medicines, flea and worm products, and neutering are not covered by insurance. However most diagnostic and surgical techniques and long-term medicines will usually be paid for by insurance policies. It is extremely important at to check terms and conditions of any insurance policy before taking it out as many have exclusions such as dental procedures.

We would recommend lifetime cover, which covers your pet for any condition they get continuously up to a level of fees you have chosen.

Please make sure you have taken out a sufficient level of cover.

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